Rounding Fun Freebie

Hey cyber friends, 
I don't know about your kiddies, but mine sure have difficulty getting the whole rounding bit sorted out. We have practiced many ways and have all kinds of tricks up our sleeves, but somehow it just doesn't stick for everyone! I came up with a little idea that I thought might help my little guys and gals and it did just that! They loved it and had a clear visual of what number to round to.

I simply made schoolhouses (well scrappindoodles made them, I just tweaked them a little) with the numbers 0-100 (by tens). I stuck them on the board and drew a number line between each schoolhouse. Then I had the kiddies place the school buses on the right place on the number line (one at a time, not all at once) and asked them which school was closest. I said Winter is on its way and the students on the bus will feel cold outside, so we need to send them to the school where they will have to do the least amount of walking! Who knew this would actually help!

I thought some of you might like to try it out the next time you're trying to teach about rounding to the nearest ten. It surely was a great help for me and so I am posting it for my very special cyber friends! 
Hope it helps!

Grab yourself a FREE copy right over HERE!

Oh, we started our Fairy Tale unit today and the kiddies started writing some amazing stories about princesses and princes! So cute! Can't wait to share!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole


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