Take Home Freebies!

Hi All,
I can't believe we are already in November AND I especially can't believe I actually got my freebies up and posted!I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and got lots and lots of candy! I love Halloween and I had a blast with the kiddies at school. They had such original costumes and were just so stinken cute!

Last year I had a celebrity theme going on in my classroom and the students were celebrities of the week! I got the idea from Cara Caroll over at The First Grade Parade and absolutely loved it. This year, I turned my classroom into a jungle and so I decided to tweak my star student of the week! 
The result is this...

Students will fill out a two page package about themselves, share it with their peers, along with their favorite storybook, and special object. 
They will also get to spend the week sitting at, DRUMROLL PLEASE...

The Explorer of the Week Jeep!

Let me tell you, this was such a big hit! I simply covered a regular classroom desk with brown paper, made headlights out of construction paper and used small baskets to hold up the jeep bar (also made out of brown paper). I covered the small baskets with zebra print duck tape (available at your local Michaels!). The chair is covered in zebra print felt (also Michaels! Man, I love that place and now we finally have one in Quebec!). 

I googled safari themed classrooms and saw a picture from a GREAT BLOG: Buzzing About Second Grade. Go check it out! She is awesome! The jeep is thus, a borrowed idea! This teacher, however, had turned all the students desks into jeeps! It's quite a sight!  

You can grab yourself a copy of this sweet little freebie right over HERE!

Now for my second freebie! Yay, two! 
Last year, during my circus theme craze, I sent home a little guy by the name of Walter the Elephant! He was such a hit that I decided to do the same again this year, except I put a little Jungle spin on it! 
Now the kiddies get to bring home CHEECH! 

He just so happens to be a leftover Baby Shower decoration that my attendant brought in
 (she likes to get into the themes too!). 

Every few days, a lucky student gets to bring Cheech home for an adventure. The student writes about his/her time spent with the monkey and then shares with the class. 

You can grab yourself a copy right over HERE!

Hope you enjoy the freebies!
Until next time...

Ms. Nicole xo


  1. Oh my I love your Jeep! The kids must be beyond excited to use that desk! :)
    I want to see pictures of your classroom! Your room was so pretty last year! Have I missed the pics from this year?
    Miss Elementary

    1. Hi Sara,
      Thanks! I got the idea from a great blog that I mentioned in my post! I have not shared photos yet (or my yearly video, hehe!) because I am missing some furniture in my room (it has not arrived YET!!) and the room doesn't look exactly the way I want it yet! I'm a little OCD when it comes to these things! I'm hoping to be able to post them soon enough!



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