Magic, Magic, Everywhere!!!

Well Sweet Friends, you won't believe it but I'm sick AGAIN!!!! Waaaaaaaahhh! So very annoying! Especially since this is going to be quite the exciting week with the kiddies! I'm looking forward to having lots of fun with my sweeties this week. Holiday concert, PJ day, gingerbread cookie day, pasta lunch, and so much more! It's going to be a great week! 

Speaking of great weeks, we just had one and it was filled with holiday fun! As you know, our elf friend, Hot Dog, has been visiting us each day and he is quite mischievous and funny. Here are a few shots of his favorite spots in our classroom. 

You wont believe it but our school's grade one classrooms ALSO received a package from the North Pole! AND,  get this!!!! It included magic elf sprinkles that grew.. Wait for it...

CANDY CANES!!!!!!!!!

It took a few days to grow, but HEY, it was worth the wait!

The firsties also received Reindeer Profiles and were asked to fill them out and send them back to the North Pole ASAP. Apparently, Santa is looking for a new contender for the sleigh team and he wanted the kiddies to give their input! He sent over some magic dust, and the kiddies each put a sprinkle of it in the box. This was, of course, to ensure that the package got back to the North Pole in a timely manner.

You wont believe the fun our first and second grade students had creating profiles of their own, and playing some reindeer games!

First, we read the profiles that Santa sent us... You wouldn't believe the things we learned about the reindeer! It was so much fun to read.

 Then, we created a profile as a class and then the kiddies went off and created their own. 

Wow, did they ever do a great job!

For those early finishers, we had a reading comprehension and some fun reindeer games to complete.

You can check out the Reindeer Profiles HERE!

Until next time...

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