It's gonna be a Rockin' Christmas!

Hey Everyone, 
Just wanted to pop by and tell you all about the fun we've been having with our Rockin' Christmas Characters.  Just when I think my students have completely blown me away, they just up and go and do it again!!!! I mean they are sooooo creative and are just such great little writers! 

Check out this title! I mean seriously!!! Hilarious!

Santa a Super Rockstar (Who knew?) 
I just about died of laughter!

Now this is the best part! I conquered my fear of messes and disorganization and let them go wild with the scrapbook paper. The more glittery the better!

It was all over the place but also all worth it because, the kiddies made the cutest rockstars ever!

As always, we wrote a class story together and I made models. I made a model of each and let my students choose which character they preferred to make. 

You can check this pack out right over HERE!!!!

Until next time...

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