Back to School Sillies

Hi Everyone,
I hope you're all doing well! I'm doing great! I have been going crazy, getting ready for the new school year and had the best first week with the kiddies! Thought I'd stop by and share a few silly tidbits about our first four days together. It's looking like it's going to be a fabulous year!

I have such a great group this year and am so excited to get things going 
and just, well, HAVE A BLAST!

So here is a short silly post about the first week!

My colleague and I nominated ourselves as members of the newly founded Bulletin Board Committee (we are the founders - hehe). Basically, we are prepared to make our school beautiful!!!!

Here is our very first bulletin board for the year. It is the first thing people see when they enter the building from the main entrance and will soon be filled with class pictures :)

We love it and can't wait to decorate more bulletin boards around the school. 

On our first day with the kiddies, we drank some of Babbling Abby's Jitter Juice. It was delicious and got rid of all our first day jitters. What a great first day activity. Her pack has so many cute ideas and fun ice breakers. 

I displayed Jennifer's (from First Grade Blue Skies) Edible Banners for Back to School and the kiddies loved them. They felt so welcomed and it created an instant sense of belonging and community. I plan on editing them all year round and possibly turning it into an achievement bunting banner! 

Another activity we did to foster a sense of community and togetherness was to sign our class "mural." We used Crayola Window Writers and created a wonderful display for our classroom. 

I also gave my kiddies a fun first day gift. 

We read the book as a class and the kiddies loved the personalized note :)
The bracelet says Sensational Second Grader and they are still sporting them this week!

On Friday, we wrote about our first week in second grade and had a Back to School Party! 
Hey, I'm happy to be back at school! I love teaching second grade!

Ok, now for the sillies... 
I MAY have been annoyed with the cobwebs and grass blades that were lying on my window sills outside my classroom... And, I MAY have used my snow brush (from my car) to clean them... And my friend MAY have gotten it all on camera! 

And one last silly... One of my sweet, adorable, students drew a picture of MOI and NAILED IT! Especially the sock bun. Yes, I do have that much hair!

This sums up my first, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G week of school! Looking forward to more fun this week.

Until next time...

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