Sneaky Poems

Hi Friends, 
Thanks for stopping by. Here's a little glimpse of what we've been up to this past week! 
We read all about Lucky the Leprechaun in our story STUCK! (check post below for more on that), wrote reading responses, narratives, and did a little Draw a Leprechaun activity. 

Then... This was MY favorite part! We wrote Sneaky Poems! If you're familiar with my Stinky Poems Craftivity, you'll love this too! 

First, I separated all the categories and placed them into some fun St. Patty's Day cups.
(Name, Clothing, Sneaky Actions, Etc...)

Then, we made a class Sneaky Poem (I always like to model).
Once it was time to begin, I asked a few students to come up at a time and create their Sneaky Poem. They had a blast! They were rolling on the floor laughing and it was just soooooo much fun!

I gave the other students the craft templates so that they'd have something fun to do while they waited for their turn. This made managing the activity a lot easier as I needed to be with the students who were "writing" their poems. 

Here are some pictures of the final product!

I always love how they manage to make the crafts their own. 
The leprechaun on the bottom right is named Warty and the one on the bottom left is named Snotty. The kiddies decided to add some warts and snot! Too funny!

This pack also comes with a fun Find Your Leprechaun Name Activity!
As suspected, this was also a great hit!

Check out this pack right over HERE!
Be sure to read my post below about my Stuck Read Aloud and Stuck Craftitivy
Also loads of fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Untile next time...

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