Quoting the Kiddies (Chapter 3)

Good Morning Everyone,
Here is my third entry for Quoting the Kiddies! I have a few funnies written down and thought I'd share them with all of you!

Setting the Scene 

This one comes from my TWO year old cousin. The family is sitting in the den chatting (loudly) and eating (We're Greek - this is what we do).

Quoting Denise

Cousin Nikki, I have something imporTANENT to tell you. 

Yep. It was really imporTANENT for Denise to tell me that she just HAD to hear Uptown Funk that very second. (She knows all the words btw).

Setting the Scene 

It's one of the first days of school and we are completing calendar as a class. I ask students where we should tally the weather for the day. Tom jokingly says SNOW. Another student answers: "Why would he say that!?"

Quoting Tom

"MMMmmmm, I don't know. Maybe I'm a little weather blind."

You don't have to wonder anymore. Weather blindness is a thing. 

Setting the Scene 

It's Friday morning and I'm on supervision. Alex runs up to me with a bag filled with chocolates. "I'm selling chocolates for my hockey team Ms. Nicole!" (the paper in his bag clearly stated karate fundraiser by the way). "Here you can have one." (as he places a bar in my hand).

Quoting Alex

5 minutes later in class. "Ms. Nicole do you have my 3 dollars? Cause if not I'm gonna have to take that back. Also, do you have a fridge or somewhere cool I can put these cause they're gonna melt." 

Yep, my 7 year old student sure has a knack for sales. He managed to sell 3 chocolate bars in a matter of minutes! No one could say no to that adorable face and well he also kinda didn't leave us much of a choice!

Setting the Scene 

It's art class and the art teacher is teaching my students about primary and secondary colors. 

Quoting Ryan

As she shows them why we mix yellow and red together, Ryan pipes up and says "This seems like a lot of work for nothing, why don't you just BUYYYYY orange?"

This little guy doesn't believe in wasting time and energy! Why make it if you can buy it!

Setting the Scene 

Lunch as just ended and I am heading into class. Jordan is standing by the door.

Quoting Jordan 

As I try to pass and enter the classroom Jordan says "It'll cost you one hug to pass!"

Well this one just melted my heart. That is all. 

These kiddies crack me up everyday! Be sure to comment some of the funnies your kiddies say!

Until next time...

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