End of the Year Student Gifts

Hi Friends,
Today, I want to share some cute ideas I've come across for End of the Year Student Gifts!

So, here we go!

Sparkling in Second Grade has a fun gift tag for bubbles! I mean who doesn't love bubbles!

Lessons with Laughter shares a fun gift tag for sunglasses! I know my kiddies love their shades!

I love Happy Home Fairy's  frisbee idea! So unique!

Landee See Landee Do sure knows that kids love sidewalk chalk!

Your Teacher's Aide has a lovely idea for a fun summer keepsake! I am so going to do this!

I hope you can use one of these fun gift ideas with your students!
Happy End of the Year!

Check out some of my favorite packs to do at the end of the school year!




Until next time...

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