Five for Friday

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I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday Fun!

1. Shark Attack

My kiddies LOVE non-fiction and sharks were on their must learn about list! We had so much fun and learned some cool facts about these great fish. 

We had fun completing all kinds of different shark based activities. 
Click HERE for a detailed post about this unit!

Click on the pictures for a direct link to this product!

2. I'm a Belieber

Yes. It's True. I'm a BELIEBER (FYI: autocorrect actually recognizes this as a word 😳). 
What's more, I've been a Belieber since he entered the scene with his classic hit BABY! 


 I went to his concert and I loved every minute of it! 
Dude's got talent AND he's a fellow Canadian too! Whoop! Whoop!

3. Summer

I love Summer. Canadian winters are harsh and I hate the cold. You will never hear me complain about HEAT. I will take HOT over COLD any day! 

This week we finally started to see some nice weather and I changed my wardrobe. 

Apparently I have a thing for lace. 

4. Gross Facts

Did you know that 10% of kids admit to chewing their own toe nails? 

Neither did I. 

But I found out while researching for this pack and although I didn't need or want to know this my kiddies loved learning about it and various other gross facts!


I can't even begin to explain how much fun this unit has been!
We still have a few more activities to complete and then I'll share a post all about our adventure.
Here is what we've done thus far! 

Click on the pictures for a direct link to this product!


5. Summer (Part Deux)

Yesterday an ice cream truck drove into our school yard. Everyone got a free vanilla cone.

I only had one. Even though I really wanted two. 
It's all about BALANCE friends. 

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  1. The gross facts unit sounds interesting! I never knew that 10% of kids admit to chewing their toenails... I wonder how many don't admit to it. I bet your kiddos loved that unit!

  2. Love the shark activities! Kids love gross stuff, that unit must have been a lot of fun to teach!

  3. Gross! Toe nails?! What a great packet for engaging kids in non-fiction!!

  4. I can totally see your Gross Facts unit hooking some reluctant boy learners! Love the colorful photos that you used.
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