Gross Facts!

Good Morning Friends,
Today in second grade we learned all about GROSS FACTS...


My students were so engaged with these activities. They loved the Two Lies and a Truth game where they had to figure out which fact was true and which two were untrue.
Their expressions and reactions to the facts were hilarious. (I made up some good ones hehehe)

We split up into teams and each group received  4-5 cards. They read the facts and discussed which facts they believed to be true and untrue. They also talked about why. Then each group exchanged their cards with another until everyone had read all 20 cards.  

Finally, each student got one card and recorded their true and untrue facts. 
They also gave evidence to back up their choices. 

Here is a short clip of one group reading the facts card.


After they had completed their sheets, we sat together and went over the cards. I asked them to share their thoughts and then divulged the TRUE FACT on the Smartboard. It was great fun!

I also displayed the true facts on our focus wall (once we had gone over all of them of course).

They chose their favorite and recorded it on a silly germ person so that other classes could read and learn about it too!

We decided to display the "germs" on our class door! 

My early finishers had a blast illustrating their very own Gross Facts Book.
They were excited to be able to bring something home to share with their families. 

To wrap up the unit we decided to use our school's class set of Chrome Books to search for Gross Facts of our own! I found ---> THIS SITE <--- to be very kid friendly and directed them there.

Here is a short clip about scorpions!

And what's a unit without a craft!
The students chose a fact from the internet and wrote on their very own computer.
They loved making a computer and kept asking when they could bring it home!

Click on the pictures or ---> HERE to check out this unit!

Hope you enjoy this as much as we did!
Until next time...
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