Summer Sports

Hey Friends, 
I hope you have been enjoying your Summer Vacation! 
I love being off. Sitting in the sun with friends, watching movies till the early morning, and finally being able to cross some things off my to-do list!

AND I'm really excited to be back to share my Summer Sports Pack with you!
It was such a great hit with my kiddies.

We learned all about 8 events: Swimming, Diving, Gymnastics, Track and Field, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water Polo, and Wrestling. 

First, we read about the sports together. I displayed the Sport Info Cards on the Smartboard and we learned about each one. We also watched a short video about each sport. 

The Sport cards are linked to these videos so you just have to click on them, sit back, and enjoy!

Once we had learned about each event, I filled up our focus wall so that students could refer to it when necessary.

After our shared reading with the cards I decided to see what my kiddies had retained. We completed some fun cut and paste activities that included general information about the Olympics and the sports we had just learned about.


After our introductory lessons the kiddies got to learn more about each sport by rereading the facts cards in groups and answering comprehension questions and/or filling out fact sheets.

They were sooooooooo into it! 


I couldn't believe how engaged they were (the last week of school no less) and how much they learned! Of course, they all wanted to become athletes themselves.

So that's exactly what we did! 
We wrote about what it would be like to win GOLD and what event we would participate in.

Once we had completed all the academic activities we moved on to some of the fun stuff!
We did read/write the room, we worked on some comprehension coloring, and we followed a Draw an Athlete poem. It was great fun!

Finally, we reviewed everything we had learned by completing our very own mini-book about the Summer Sports. 

CLICK ---------> HERE <----------- 
It's a great way to start off the year!

Until next time...

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