Hello Everyone,
Today, in Second Grade we learned all about superheroes
We read about them, we wrote about them, we even dressed up as them!

It all started with this fun read aloud! 


The kiddies loved the idea of becoming superheroes 
and wrote a reading response and a narrative about it. 


We also reread the read aloud several times to practice fluency and expression and coloured the pictures! The students got to keep their own little superhero book!


We also had fun learning about superheroes.


My early finishers had some fun colouring and drawing superheroes too. I love these activities because they include reading and comprehension but are so fun to do!


At the end of it all, we created some SUPER Superheroes!

The end result was SUPER amazing!



Coincidently, the week we were working on this unit I just so happened to meet Peter Parker himself at my niece's birthday party! Who would have thought!

Check out my Superhero Unit HERE!

Until next time...
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  1. Iam trying to click on your Super Hero unit and I cannot get it to open.

  2. Hi Julianne, you can click on any picture above that showcases this unit in action with my students and it will lead you to my product description in my TpT store! Hope this helps!


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