Five for Friday

Hey Everyone,
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday Fun!

1. Christmas

Just a few pictures of my Christmas packs for you. I have done all of these activities over the years and can't wait to dive in again this December! 

Click on the pictures for a direct link to these products!

2. One-on-One time with Students 

Have you read my post about how I maximize my one-on-one time with my students?


Click on the pictures to check it out!

3. Christmas (AGAIN)

I'm so excited to have decorated my house for Christmas! I love my red and white tree!


Now time for some Christmas movies (and maybe some cookies too)!

4. Reading Response

I JUST updated my Reading Response Pack! I'm so excited to finally share the new add-ons that I've been using in my class. 


   Click on the pictures to check this pack out!

I am a HUGE fan to say the least and my friend and I have been planning a pj day with the Gilmore's for the last two months. 

There's a menu involved (coffee, pop tarts, and pizza were the items of choice today.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those elf profiles are absolutely adorable! I love it!

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press

  2. Your house looks beautiful! I love all your Christmas activities with the elf and the gingerbread man - super cute! I have the Sophie template on my blog, too!

  3. I am Netflixing the 7 Seasons of Gilmore Girls with my daughter before we watch the new ones! We are just starting Season 4 so I hope we will get to watch the new ones soon!
    Lori @
    Outside of My Classroom


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