One-on-One Tips and Tricks

Hello Friends,
I'm so excited to share these quick tips and tricks about maximizing your one-on-one time with your students. We all know every minute counts and I like to squeeze in as much as I can with my students.

I like to meet students for one-on-one time to read and go over concepts that were difficult for them to grasp. Most of the time I meet students during morning work. It's the perfect time. They are ready to learn and focused. The other students are also engaged in morning routine and their morning work so it allows us to have some time to really dive into one-on-one learning without disruptions or interruptions.

To keep myself organized and ready at a moment's notice (gotta grab every chance you can to work one-on-one) I prepare a basket and keep it on my desk. 

My one-on-one basket includes:

- A class list 
- A meeting list 
- Leveled books 
- Math manipulatives (mostly ten frames, a 100 chart, a number line and any material that we are working on at a particular time)
- Sound charts and sight word cards (my sound charts are from First Grade Frenzy - can't live without them)
- A white board and dry erase markers

I use the class list to record the dates when I meet each student. I like to do this to keep track of how many times I'm meeting specific students. This helps me see who requires more support from teachers and also helps me ensure that I meet everyone at least once a week. If I haven't met someone by the end of the week, I'll make it a point to check in with them and give them some one-on-one too. I do allocate more time to my struggling students but it is important for me to challenge my enriched students too. I don't want to leave them behind. 

My meeting list is used daily. I don't usually get to see more than 5 or 6 students a day for one-on-one so I keep the boxes to a minimum. I like to keep track of when and why I meet students. I write down what we did and jot down a few notes on their progress. Once again, this helps me keep track of what students are struggling with. If I meet with a student a few times to review addition with regrouping I might send a little note informing parents that their child is really struggling with this concept and ask them to practice at home too. 

When things are documented it's a lot easier for me to know how my students are doing and inform parents accordingly. I am constantly checking. I do not rely on a test to tell me how they are doing. 
It is a daily routine for me. 

I know it can be hard to meet with students, there are so many factors that come into play. 

Large class size.
Differentiated needs.
Negative behaviors and disruptions.
A full moon, snow, rain, indoor recess!

But it is so important to find some time to sit with one or a few students to practice something they really need to work on or challenge those who whiz though the program. 

I find morning routine to be the best time for me. I also try to meet with students during library and computer lab. I often keep students in at recess too. Any chance I get, I sit with students and work on targeted skills. 

You can do it too!
Grab this little freebie to help you stay organized and create your own one-on-one basket that will help your students progress and succeed. 

Click on the picture below to grab this freebie. 

Until next time...

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