Cocoa Makes Everything Better...

Hi CyberWorld,
Brrrrrrrrr!!!! It's been cold here in Canada and the kiddies and I were looking for a fun and creative way to keep warm this week! 

Here I am with one of my colleagues, preparing for morning supervision!

And, here is our beautiful yard! The kiddies love those mountains!

Gotta love Winter in Canada!

So back to getting warm... I gotta admit, the kiddies and I had a blast with these Cocoa themed Craftivities and it did help us brave the cold weather!

We began with an anchor chart, which I have to admit I've only just begun using this year, and then wrote a class story together. I'm loving the anchor charts for extra theme words and I always have it hanging up in the morning with the craft to get the kiddies excited about what our day has in store for us! I love watching them go up to the chart and craft when they walk in and I also love hearing them chat and say: "Yay, we are doing "this" or "that" today!" Such a great feeling to hear enthusiasm about learning!

Then the kiddies wrote their own stories. I love that the transition from writing basic facts to adding creativity and imagination to their stories is occurring right now. It's such a great experience to see them evolving as writers and their tales are so much fun to read!

I love how the character turned into a monster after having so much cocoa and then turned back into a regular boy when he ate a vegetable! Too stinken cute!

I wouldn't have minded living on a planet made entirely of cocoa and Tim Hortons happens to be one of my very favorite places! These kiddies are so awesome!!!!!!

We glued the stories to the back of our craftivities and hung them up for everyone to see! Every time we do writer's workshop, I always send a student to read their story to the principal and always choose a few students to read their stories to the class. They feel so proud and it's fun for everyone!

I love how they always make the crafts their own. Their personal touches make all the differences!

You can make these wonderful crafts and stories too!
Check out my Teacher Store for this idea and other fun Winter activities. 

Check it out right HERE!

You will find templates for the craft, spelling helpers, measuring posters, writing stationary, and much more! Enjoy and stay warm!

I noticed I wrote "I love" about a billion times in this post! Valentine's Day must be approaching!!! Hehe! I am just loving everything about my class these days. Such a great feeling!
Hope love is all around you too!

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