Time to Hit the Ice!

Hello Everyone,
You will never believe this but the weather has gone from -27'C to 8'C! Yippeee! Although I am super duper excited, I know that unfortunately it wont last for very long! :(

Speaking of excited, I am also thrilled that the lockout is over AND Hockey is Back! I am from Canada, after all! My kiddies, of course, are huge NHL fans and so we celebrated the return of the game with some sweet little stories and crafts.

LOOOOOOOVE these little guys and girls! Some students chose to create hockey players, while others opted for figure skaters. I just love how they always manage to make each craft their own! Never two the same! They are sooo creative, and theirs stories... WOW!

This little kiddo is supporting the home team. Go Habs Go!

We had a blast and are also working on writing letters to a classmate who changed schools before the holiday break. These are of course great ways for us to overcome our winter blues! Hopefully Spring is not too far around the corner?!

If you want to make skaters with your little ones, check out my Let's Hit the Rink Craftivity right HERE!

This 37 page pack includes:

- templates to make a skater and/or hockey player
- 5 writing stationary printables
- spelling helpers (skating/hockey words)
- spelling center (with color word cards and black and white recording sheet)
- memory game (with color word cards and black and white recording sheets)
- describe the skater activity (with color skater cards and black and white recording sheets)

You can get more details about this craftivity right HERE!

Happy Hockey Season!

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