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Hi Everyone, 
So glad to be back after only a short few days! I hope you are all doing well! Aside from the cold, I can't complain! It is not letting up. Instead of getting warmer it's only getting colder and colder. Tonight, as I prepare to venture back out to go to a work meeting, I shall face the -40 C weather. "Sigh"
(it really does need to be in large font!)

At least the kiddies and I have been having fun. We are rocking writer's workshop and loving every minute of it. As, I've mentioned in my last few posts, the kiddies are really starting to develop their writing skills so I thought it might be time to further advance their progress by introducing an adjective and verb word wall to our writing lessons. 

I created these little treasures to encourage my awesome writers to include more detail, description, action, and adventure into their stories. And, guess what!! You can too! You can grab yourself a free copy of each of these babies over at my TpT store!

Grab this freebie right over HERE!

And this freebie over HERE!

I placed the verb word wall right by the classroom door. We often line up and wait for the next teacher to come and pick up the munchkins for their next class and I thought that we could pick a word and actually DO the action while we wait! My little active kiddies will sure enjoy that!

I strongly suggest introducing the words to your students and explaining to them how to use this reference. I also recommend that you do not display all of the words at once as there are many and this might overwhelm them. 

I like to play word wall games with my students and often ask them to go find words that begin with certain sounds or that rhyme with other words. We also look for words with specific numbers of syllables or simply look for synonyms and/or antonyms. These games are great when you have a few minutes left over in a period, or simply need to get up and move a little! 

I hope you enjoy the word walls and if you live in a cold climate, stay warm!

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