Wish Upon a Star...

Hello Friends, 
It has been a while since my last post. As usual, life is busy and often gets in the way of blogging! Just wanted to stop by and share a photo of my kiddies latest creations! They are excited to be back and are working very hard. Last week, we discussed our new year wishes and had a blast crafting away. 

First, we began by filling this anchor chart with New Year Resolutions!
It was great fun!

Isn't he adorable! Unfortunately, I didn't snap a shot of our completed chart! Each time we are done using a chart or a class story that we have written, I pick a name and the  lucky student gets to bring the chart or story home. The kiddies love it, it's a great big keepsake! Of course, I keep track of who receives the mementos in order to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to bring one home. 

Here is our completed activity...

Some of my favorite wishes...

Get along better with my brother and/or sister
I wish for my friend to have less trouble in math (PRECIOUS!)
Stay organized
Protect the environment 
Read more
Peace in the world

Love these kiddos and their amazing wishes... I hope they all come true!

I also had my older students (grade 5) write some wish poems. Wow, did they ever do a great job. I love their writing. They are quite the poets too and I intent to implement more poetry in our lessons. This is not something I have always been comfortable with and I am not that great at it either however, their enthusiasm and talent has inspired me to practice and to bring poetry into the classroom more often. I'm really excited about this!

Here are some of their masterpieces!

Caramel is our class pet. Unfortunately, she has to go :(

What are some of your wishes for 2013?


  1. Nicole, I love this idea! You could do a wish and a goal. A star in one hand and a target in the other. Where did you get the template for the little dolls from? Great idea!!!

  2. Thank you Kim! I like your take on the idea too! always good to bounce back ideas with fellow teachers.. Usually creates an even better activity or lesson! These are templates I created myself. They are on my TpT store uder Wish Upon a Star Craftivity.

    Thanks for the feedback :)


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