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Happy Saturday Everyone,

I am pleased to inform all of you that the weather here has improved and we are seeing a lot of sunshine and some milder temperatures! Now if we could just skip the whole, snow melting, garbage appearing, and weird smell phase of Spring, I would be most content. 

Although parts of our school board received a Snow Day this week and our kiddies had to get all bundled up for recess again, our classroom sure began to look like Spring. 

These kids just know how to produce quality work! I can't stop reading their stories and looking at the bulletin board! They are just so darn awesome! I especially love to see the kiddies go up to the display and read their classmates' stories. They often even call over a friend and tell them to read another student's work because, and I quote,
 "This is sooooo funny" or "This is a nice story, he/she did a great job."

 This week we read a book called "The Pretty Pretty Bunny" and wrote a class reading response on chart paper. Our school has a data team and this year we have decided to focus our meetings on reading response results and how to use these results to better understand what the students needs are in this specific area. Then, we discuss how to teach them in a meaningful way in order to help them improve this very important skill. At our last meeting, we decided to complete one class wide reading response every two weeks (modelling is key!). We also agreed to look at a student reading response sample and discuss, as a class, how to improve it. So far, this has really benefited the students and we have seen growth and improvement. After the class reading response, we got our writing on!

The kiddies loved writing about "If I Were a Bunny..." 

You can check out my Craftivity HERE!

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be the Easter Bunny? Well, now you can! Your students will love writing all about their adventures as bunnies and they will love "dressing" themselves up as bunnies too (craft)! This 30 page pack includes:

- templates to create the craft
- 3 spelling helpers
- 6 writing stationary templates (3 with titles/3 without titles)
- 1 acrostic poem
- 1 syllable bunny hop game/activity with recording sheet)
- 1 Draw a Bunny poem and recording sheet (to draw the bunny)

Spring has sprung and Easter is on the way! Time to celebrate and teach your kiddies all about Easter vocabulary. Students will participate in various literacy centers and writer's workshop activities that will consistently expose them to the same twenty Easter vocabulary words. Thus, ensuring that upon completion of these centers, students will be able to recognize and write Easter theme words. The use of Easter graphics and a variety of colorful clipart will engage your students and create a fun and meaningful experience.

This package includes:

- 7 center menus
- memory game (same 20 theme words and recording sheet)
- bingo game (same 20 theme words and recording sheet)
- word search (same 20 theme words)
- long vowel sorting game (includes recording sheet)
- short vowel matching game
- Easter acrostic poem
- 6 Easter writing stationary papers
- word wall including the same 20 words that are components of each station

On Monday, the kiddies and I are going to read my Crazy Eggs Read Aloud.

Time to practice fluency, vocabulary, and grammar with this fun and colorful read aloud. Students will love learning all about Shelly, Eggy, and Yoke, as well as illustrating their own story and creating their own Egg Person! This 27 page package includes:

- 6 page color read aloud story
- black and white copy of the story for students to read and illustrate
- detailed descriptions about the process of shared reading and reading response
- 8 task cards (tasks for students to do with their copy of the story, including grammar activities and a blank card for you to fill in)
- reading response sheet
- Egg Person activity sheets

After we read the story, we are going to write about Crazy Eggs!

Easter is on its way and spring is blooming! Want a wonderful, unique way to celebrate this Holiday? Look no further! This vibrant, fun, and creative activity will have your students learning and smiling. This 54 page pack includes:

- templates to create a variety of Crazy Eggs
- 6 black and white writing stationary (3 with titles, 3 without)
- ABC order activity with color graphics and black and white recording sheet
- Dictionary Fun activity with color graphics and black and white recording sheet
- Writing prompt activity with color graphics and black and white recording sheet
- Crazy Eggs acrostic poem
- I have, Who has activity with color graphics and black and white recording sheet

Finally, I figured that since the Read Aloud and the Craftivity go hand in hand, why not create a bundle. So Voila! Crazy Eggs Easter Craftivity & Read Aloud Bundle.

There you have it! My Easter Extravaganza! Hehe!

Have a fabulous weekend AND a great four day Easter week with the kiddies!

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