Hit the Spot with a Multiplication Cookie Math Freebie!

It's me again!
Who knew I could blog two days in a row! Maybe it's "SPRING" that has got me full of extra energy! Spring! Ya right! If you read yesterday's post, I did mention that we got hit with 27 cm of snow! Oh, what fun we've had, shoveling and, slipping and sliding. I'm thinking my new found energy is simply excitement stemmed from the fact that I have a freebie for you and had a great multiplication lesson with the kiddies not too long ago. 

We have been a on a math storm lately and are having a real blast! The kiddies are now BIG KIDS and are telling time and multiplying! Woot! Woot! So proud of the kiddos, they are amazing me these days. 

For our introduction to basic multiplication, I brought my sweet peas to the SmartBoard room and we watched a great (and delicious) video from Multiplication.com and used a pencil and paper to follow along with Kim, the very wonderful teacher. 

She made it so simple and the kids loved the cookies! We are currently working towards a class reward that involves cookie decorating. I jus had too (I loooooove my themes)! 

I really stressed the fact that multiplying involves making groups and that if they draw cookies with chocolate chips they will be able to find the answer. I don't want them to simply memorize their facts, I want them to understand what it actually MEANS to multiply. This video certainly helped me achieve that goal and for those students who still needed that extra push, 
I decided created a fun freebie to go along with the lesson. I have to say that the whole cookie and chocolate chips deal really helped us a lot. Things are just easier to remember when food is involved!

Here is my SWEET Freebie!

I simply took the concept of cookies and chocolate chips and ran with it! I created a hands on activity that is consistent with the video above. 

 To play the game, you must simply choose a multiplication card, read the multiplication sentence on the card and then use the cookies (as groups) and the chocolate chips (to place in the groups) in order to represent the multiplication fact. For instance, "2X3" would require two cookies and three chocolate chips on each cookie. Students can then count the number of chips to find the answer. They can record their answer on the recording sheets included in the package. This game is sure to hit the spot! 

        I only included multiplication facts up to five, as this is meant to be an introductory game.

You can grab this freebie right over HERE!

Oh, and did I mention that Multiplication.com has great games and resources for the kiddies and teachers alike!

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