Crazy Eggs

Hi Everyone,
I am beyond excited right now! I have a 4 day weekend AND a pedagogical day to plan and prep! I'm also psyched about my unit updates! I will be uploading three updates over the weekend. Oh, boy do I ever cringe when I open some of my older packs! It's fun to update as your grow as a teacher and as a seller. I just loooooove my new clip art and wonder how I ever lived without it! Okay, maybe not "lived" without it, but how did I ever CREATE without it! I have a bit of a graphics obsession! Scarppindoodles, Just so Scrappy, Krista Walden, Pink Cat Studios, I love em' all!

I shall blog about my updates this weekend, so stay tune! 
For now, I'd like to share what I did with the kiddies this week! We had great fun reading all about friendship and writing about some Crazy Eggs.

Seriously, these kids make me look good! Their art is far better than mine! Hehe!

We began the lesson by reading the following little read aloud. I love showing it on the Smartboard, and now I've also gotten into the habit of reading it to them on the Ipad. They LOOOOVE that! You can also print a hard copy to keep in the classroom library!

Click on the picture to learn more about this read aloud pack.

Not gonna lie, I love making these packs. I always want a specific story and I like to work on a particular grammar skill during the reading portion of the activity. Makes for a much more meaningful learning experience. I purposefully included a lot of proper nouns in this one because that's what we were learning about in grammar this week! We also write a reading response, about the story. This time the meaning was about how we should not judge people and just because someone changes on the outside, doesn't mean they've changed on the inside. Poor little spotted egg in the middle (Shelly) had a real hard time with her friends for a while! Have no fear, they resolved everything and became the greatest of friends at the end!

After our extensive lesson on friendship and proper nouns, we wrote some pretty creative stories of our own! I used my templates from my Crazy Eggs Craftivity and, as always, the kiddies did an awesome job. They never cease to amaze me. 

Click on the picture to learn more about this read aloud pack.

This afternoon, I decided to let my sweethearts have a nice little treat (they had earned it after all). We decorated some Easter/Spring cookies and had ourselves a small feast (filled with sugar and all things yummy, of course!). I was very clear on the fact that everything is okay, in MODERATION. Cookies and frosting included! We are a healthy school and I want them to understand the importance of balance and portion control. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter with your family and friends!

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