In the Woods...

Hi Everyone,
Today, in Second Grade we finished our camping unit by learning all about forest animals.
It was great fun and we learned so much!

(like how the great-horned owl is one of the only animals who can prey on skunks because it has a terrible sense of smell and the musk doesn't affect it!!!!)

First, we read a story about Randy Raccoon and his animal friends. We talked about the meaning and made some connections to the story. 

Then, we wrote a class story about forest animals and forest fun!

We also made some crafts!

Finally, we read the animal facts cards on the Smartboard and then completed some facts sheets. 
It was great fun! I've learned that my students really respond well to non-fiction and plan to use it more next year! It's so much fun and I always learn new things too (seriously!)!

After we got our reading response, reading comprehension, stories, crafts, and facts sheets completed, we had some time for a little fun! 
(all the other aforementioned activities proved to be fun too hehe)

We played forest animal bingo, read/write the room, memory...

This was one fun pack to share with my kiddies!
Stop by soon to read all about how we camped at school too!

You can grab this pack right HERE!
It's also part of a camping bundle! Check it out right HERE!

Until next time...

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