A Camping We Will Go!

Hello Friends,
Today, in Second Grade we went camping! 
We had so much fun learning all about the great outdoors and getting prepped for our camping at school adventure!

After we went looking for BigFoot (click HERE for link to a post about this), we decided to suit up and write some camper stories. These kiddies are not strangers to the forest! They wrote some awesome stories. As usual, I had some spelling helpers and word wall theme words at the campers disposal.

I like to give each student a baggie and lay out the templates for the crafts. They pick up what they need and put it int their bag. This way, if they don't have time to finish, they have somewhere to put their pieces. This eliminates having to store their unfinished work somewhere in class and lowers the risk of losing parts.

Sometimes I print the templates directly onto construction paper while other times I let the students choose colors. I also sometimes just make a couple of copies in different colors and let them choose their favourite. I do find it easier to print directly onto construction paper, especially for more intricate crafts like this one. 

Of course, I always display their work. This is a MUST! 

After our writer's workshop sessions, we completed some literacy centers. I combined activities from a few of my camping packs and it turned out to be great fun.

BINGO is always a FAVE!

Always important to know what we need for camping and what can stay at home!


ABC order is always fun!

Word search and word wall games were a success!

Snapshots of our little campers turned out adorable!

We had so much fun with this unit! 
Click on the pictures to check out my different Camping Packs!
They are sure to be a hit!




I'll be back soon to tell you all about our forest animals projects!
Until next time...

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