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I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday Fun!

1. Primary Powers Giveaway!

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Stop by Primary Powers and get yourself involved in this awesome giveaway!

2. Camping at School

Ok, so I had this crazy idea a few years back to camp at school. Ya, and I have some crazy colleagues who asked if we'd do it again this year. 
And, well... WE DID! 

The kiddies ate s'mores, sang camp songs, played outside with their flashlights and watched the hockey game!

3. Speaking of Hockey

Mtl is a huge Hockey City and we support our team to the end.

I wasn't lying when I said we watched the game during our campout 
(there were two overtimes too).

The Mtl Canadiens (also known as the habs) have a fun hashtag called #HABSIE 

(get it!get it! HABS + SELFIE = HABSIE)

4. Whole30 Report

Some of you may already know that I've been eating clean and loving the Whole30. Nothing has changed! I love everything about eating whole foods and cutting out the sugar and processed garbage.
Here are a few other dishes I've made on this wonderful journey. 

It's incredible how good clean eating tastes!

The butternut squash lasagna was literally to die for. I cannot wait to make it again. AND, that might look like cheese in there but its actually a non-dairy alternative that tastes like cheese. Get the Whole30 cookbook people. It'll change your life.

On another note I do have some events this weekend and I will allow myself a treat or two. I'll post some sinful pics of the peanut butter and chocolate treats I plan make! When you treat make it count! 

5. Camping Units

With the summer weather upon us and a camping at school adventure, we learned a whole lot about the great outdoors and forest animals last month. 

Here are some of the packs I used for this unit (a more detailed blog post to come)





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