Beware of BigFoot!

Hi Everyone, 
It just dawned on me (4 years of blogging later) that I should begin each post with Today, in Second Grade we... You'd think because I called my blog Today, in Second Grade with the intention of readers understanding that my posts would be about what happened in my second grade classroom that day that I'd have thought of this a little sooner! But alas, I sometimes am just not that witty! 
(only sometimes though) ;)

So here goes! 
Today, in Second Grade we went on a search for BigFoot. And guess what ladies and gents...
We FOUND him!

Where and how you ask?! 
Right in the middle of our language arts lesson! 

We read a story called Beware of BigFoot (a read aloud I created just for this lesson) and then practiced our fluency and intonation with some shared reading. 

After we worked on our reading, we wrote some BigFoot adventures. These stories were GREAT!
This is a theme that the kiddies really enjoyed getting creative with!

Some of our friends were quick to finish so they got to do some extended activities.

They measured BigFoot tracks, compared footprints, and even got a snapshot of him in action!

You can check out my Beware of Bigfoot Read Aloud HERE!
You can also take a look at my Beware of Bigfoot Craftivity HERE!


Until next time...

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