Camping at School

Hello Everyone,
As promised, here is a quick little post about our Camping at School adventures!

Yep! It turns out we have enough crazy teachers (and parent volunteers) to gather together to actually SLEEP at school OVERNIGHT with our second graders. 

And... Yep! I'm one of them! 
In fact, it was all my idea!

The evening started off with the kiddies returning to school and having a little pasta dinner. We have some of the best parents and they volunteered to cook for everyone!

After we ate, we split the students in 4 groups of 12 and completed 4 stations!

The first station was all about S'mores!

The second station was all about art!

The fourth center was all about playing outside and the fifth centre was all about indoor games.
Memory, Read/Write the Room, Bingo

Finally, we gathered in the gym for some camp songs 
and then headed outside for some flashlight fun!

A great time was had by all and a great deal of sleep was missed by most! 

Prior to this event, we completed some camping units in class.




Click on the pictures to check them out!
Until next time...

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