Change the Games!

                                                                           Hi Friends,
I am soooooo excited to share this new unit with all of you.
I collaborated with my best friend Valerie from All Students Can Shine for this engaging and meaningful pack and we had the best time making this for our students and all of you!

This unit is chalk filled with engaging academic activities. 

Students will have to complete a mission to CHANGE THE GAMES. The athletes at the Big Games are not performing well because they have fixed mindsets. Your students will need to complete a series of tasks to help the athletes grow. They will collect puzzle pieces after each activity and help change the Big Games. 

Here is a little sneak peek at what you will find in two of the challenges and some follow-up activities!

Ski Jump Activity

Students will match motivational messages with the appropriate scenario. They will assemble ski craftivities to display their motivational messages/scenarios. 
This activity is differentiated two ways (simple and more complex text).

Bobsleigh Activity

Students will look at photographs and will make inferences about the pictures. They will assemble bobsleigh craftivities to display their inferences.

Class Book Activity

Students will discuss and write about what they have learned about growth mindset. They will place their writing on an anchor chart. They will choose ideas from the anchor chart and create a class book that can be referred to for the rest of the school year.

Let's Grow Together Activity

Students will write about being a good teammate and about growth mindset. They will assemble hat craftivities to wear and share their thoughts and ideas.

Closing Ceremony Activity

After completing activities, students receive a puzzle piece to keep until the Closing Ceremony. Students will put the puzzle pieces together and color coloring sheets to mark the end of the Big Games. 

Team Building Activities
Students will work together to complete a series of team building activities.

Check out Valerie's post over at All Students Can Shine to learn more about this pack and find out what's in the first few challenges!

You and your students can CHANGE THE GAMES too! 
Just click HERE!

Until next time...

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