All About May

Hi friends, 
Today, I'm going to be telling you all about what we will be doing in the month of May.

The kiddies love to celebrate their moms and any other important women in their lives. 
This year we will be making "My Heart Belongs to You" craft and a little flower craft too!


 We will also be reading and writing about Mother's Day

I've been creating these four week packs that include all we need for ELA instruction and I'm obsessed. I have everything I need in one place and we get to read, write, and do a fun activity every week. Here are some of the May units included in this pack. 

My bestie Valerie (All Students can Shine) and I created this student mission a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it snowed up until last week so planting a garden wasn't really in the plans, but now that the weather has turned for the better it's time to get our hands dirty!


4. Coding

This year I introduced STEM and coding in my classroom. My kiddies have loved it and have blown me away with their creativity and skill. As the end of the year approaches, I will be incorporating more of this in my classroom.

Until next time...

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