ELA for all of MAY!

Hi Friends,
I'm so excited to share my latest pack with you! 

It has everything you need to complete your ELA curriculum for an entire month!
It also includes some fun stuff for early finishers or Friday fun!

It also includes lesson plans to make prepping easy for you. 

I will be starting off with Mother's Day, so that the kiddies can make their craft and gift it to their moms. 

We will start the week off with a read aloud and some Mother's Day writing of our own.

Then we will reared the read aloud and work on fluency and comprehension.
We will also write a reading response.

We will also complete some fun Mom and Me activities and a cute Mother's Day craft.

Next, we will be learning about frogs!
I'm really excited about this one!

Once again, we will read the story and write our own stories.

Then, we will work on fluency, comprehension, and response.

Finally, we will learn about all about frogs and make a cute craft!

I love it! I cannot wait for frog week!

Next up, it's all about insects!

We will read and write all about insects! Ladybugs, ants, grasshoppers and more!

We will complete some fun bonus activities and look for insect fossils!

Our final week will be all about plants.

More shared reading fun and reading response topics in this one!
Lot's of fun writing topics and planting experiments!

Click HERE to check out this ELA for MAY unit!
Until next time...

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