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I'm so excited to share my latest collaboration with my best friend Valerie from All Students Can Shine. We are having so much fun creating these student missions for our students and for you! Our kiddies are loving every minute of it and are learning valuable lessons along with important curriculum. They are having blast doing it too!

Our latest mission is all about friendship.

This pack is filled with activities and lessons that will promote friendship. 
There are also detailed lesson plans to make prepping easy for you!

We will start off the TEN DAY unit by introducing a friendship word wall.

Once we've discussed the new vocabulary, we will complete an anchor chart about friendship.

Then it's time to make a gardening bag (to store all of the students' work) and a gardening hat (to wear throughout the mission). 


Garry the Gardener will send the students letters to assign the challenges each day. He will also reward them with gardening tools for each completed activity. 

Once the little gardeners are ready, it's time to start planting the friendship garden. Their first challenge is to help Carole with her carrots and write about ways to show friends that they care.

Next, it's off to help Tommy and his tomato plants. Students will learn the difference between tattling and reporting important information. 

After that, the students will help Polly with her pepper plants. Students will read scenarios and try to help Polly solve the problems.

The last challenge of the mission is all about helping Peter with his pea pods. The students will read a text and complete a response.

Also included in this pack are some activities to bring your students together as a class. The compliment flowers are my favorite addition as it allows students to share what they like about their peers. The friendship links serve as a great reminder to be a good friend. 


Students can celebrate growing their friendship garden by colouring a picture of the neighbourhood kids they helped along the way! Garry the Gardener will send your students a photograph to thank them for helping the kids with the garden. 

Check out this pack HERE!
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