Classroom Happenings - April

Hi Friends, 
I'm so excited to share my April Classroom Happenings with all of you!

I love Spring! It's my favorite season. It's all about rebirth and I just love the warmer weather, the blooming flowers, and the prospects of Summer! I also really love how my classroom runs at this time of year. My students know the expectations and follow them, they also have made great strides academically since the beginning of the year.

1. Rain

One of my favorite units to teach is all about rain! I love the information that we can learn, the cute crafts we make, the great stories we write, and the fun experiments we can do with this theme. 


I have many units surrounding this theme! Click on the pictures to check out the different packs!
I created a new pack this year. It includes everything you need for ELA for an entire week, including lesson plans and extra, fun activities. 

Now, more than ever, it's very important to teach our students about the importance of taking care of our planet. I have a few fun activities planned for the week before Earth Day. 


As the end of the year approaches, we are wrapping up our math program and beginning to review. Number sense is something I work on ALL YEAR because I want my students to be able to understand numbers and be fluent in math facts. 



Our second graders are expected to complete an ELA exam at the end of the year. This exam consists of a narrative and a response. We practice these two important skills all year and use our focus wall to help us during the exam (we're allowed to keep focus walls up during exams if they have been used throughout the year). 

My best friend Valerie, from All Students can Shine, and I have been collaborating for a while now. We love creating missions for our students. We always include an important lesson (this time it's friendship) and make sure to create activities that are academic and engaging. 

Our students love them!



Until next time...

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