Number Sense Fun

Hi Friends, 
This week in second grade, we learned about three-digit numbers. 
My students were having a difficult time understanding what these numbers meant so I wanted them to practice a little more. 

After working with base ten blocks, I decided to let them choose their own number and play with it a little. Instead of printing a worksheet, I decided to let them get creative with the iPads!

We created this activity together! I asked them for a three-digit number and they helped me break it down. I simply plugged the iPad into the interactive board, and they followed along while I typed, and drew. I left the iPad plugged in so that they could have an example of what I was looking for, and then they went on their merry way!

We used PicCollage to create our number activity. My students are quite familiar with the app and how to use the different features. They chose their own backgrounds, fonts, and colors, which made the activity all the more engaging. 

Once they were done, they uploaded their work to Seesaw and recorded themselves explaining their number. It was great! I love using Seesaw because the students can record their voices. This is a great way for them to explain their thinking. 

Until next time...

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